Moonwalk 2017 – when London’s streets are paved with good intentions and pink feathers!

A few months ago – in a moment of madness – I agreed to do the night-time London Moonwalk, in aid of breast cancer research charity ‘Walk the Walk’. I am no night owl so this was a challenge but also a great opportunity to support the UK’s largest grant-making breast cancer charity.

Unfortunately, like many of us, I have had friends and family members whose lives have been lighted by cancer. The Moonwalk, now in its 20th year, started out as a one-off fundraising event but caught on and to date has raised in excess of £113 million for vital breast cancer causes. So, on Saturday 13 May at 11pm, along with 15,000 people, I headed off from Clapham Common, via Battersea Park towards Hyde Park; routing back through the dark, quiet streets of the City, then – in complete contrast – walking along the riverbank, basking in the brilliantly lit visage of the capital’s skyscrapers, eventually sauntering back to the finish line on Clapham Common.

“The Moonwalk has raised in excess of £113 million for vital breast cancer causes”


The atmosphere was electric, with men and women dressed in elaborately decorated bras, tutus and the customary shocking pink feather boas. The privilege of being able to enjoy the most iconic sights of London, in a mostly traffic free atmosphere was just about surpassed by the sheer warmth and enthusiasm of the volunteers.

I have raised just over £1,000. There should be more to come as London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has dedicated its monthly ‘dress down day’ for staff to contribute toward my fundraising efforts.

My view is that if you want to see London in its night-time beauty and you are not afraid of walking either a full marathon or half marathon – this is a wonderful way of raising funds for the cancer charity.

Hardeep Kalsi is consultant, patron members at LCCI. Readers can make donations in aid of the breast cancer charity through the website below – note that she was Walker 502, London Moonwalk 2017

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