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London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) recently launched an Instagram account showcasing the people behind our expanding business network.

Rishi Patel from The Currency Account is one of our latest additions, read his profile to see what gets him motivated in the workplace:

“I started The Currency Account to help SMEs and charities save money on international transfers, including paying overseas suppliers and salaries, and receiving payments. The Guardian recently recommended us as the best provider for large and mid-sized sums of euros, which we were very proud of, being an SME ourselves. Our customers use us as we offer a complete multi-currency banking solution and enable them to process payments to over 160 countries.

“I’ve always had a passion for simplifying financial products and services. Having previously worked in the front office of various proprietary trading institutions and investment banks, I wanted to help SMEs take advantage of technology and the fintech revolution ensuring they could process payments efficiently around the world. Now we are a trusted partner for a fast-growing portfolio of brands worldwide.

“LCCI is a good fit for us because most of their members are the types of customers we service i.e. any growing, internationally focused business looking to improve their bottom line and streamline their international payment requirements. We’ve sponsored various events at the LCCI, which was a great experience for us. We’re also really keen to support LCCI’s export documentation service, being the largest in the UK.”

Connect with us @london_chamber and contact your account manager on to find out how to feature.

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