LCCI is launching the Black Business Association

To promote black business ownership and black employees in the capital the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a LCCI Black Business Association (BBA).

The BBA is designed for black business owners and black employees bringing them together through a purposeful outlet, supporting networking and promoting black entrepreneurship and business ownership in the capital. It will also provide a forum to collectively address barriers to equality in London’s economy.

Be part of a step change in the prosperity of black owned businesses and black employees, by joining a collaborative and impactful group, focussed on working together to break down barriers, address inequalities and enabling connections. LCCI will provide access to vital tools to empower organisations, including networking events, training programmes and profile-raising opportunities. 

Black Business Association

LCCI is delighted to announce Lord Dr Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE has been appointed as the Founding Chair of the Black Business Association. He commented:

“The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is London’s premier network for business collaboration securing confidence from investors and innovators to keep the energy of this great city producing jobs and supporting livelihoods. That’s why now, it’s time for a City that benefits from black lives and once historically sadly too, black deaths, to build bonds of common purpose bringing in the wealth of talented black entrepreneurs and employers and workers to focus our vision on a city where all can thrive, with justice and equity and where work can be dignified for all. So I’m honoured to work with LCCI in establishing the LCCI Black Business Association and to call in all who have felt left aside, to build better together.”

Register your interest in the Black Business Association today

Complete a short online form on the LCCI website to register your interest:

Please note, in order to join the BBA you must be a paid for member of LCCI or part of the free London Chamber Community Network. Details of the BBA’s programme of work will be available from late November.

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